Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!

This is an exciting time of year.  The “official” unofficial start of summer.  I know I have BBQ, hiking, relaxing plans for the weekend with friends and family.

Memorial Day is a day we set aside to remember those who have heeded the call to serve.  I never was called to serve, but I have enormous respect for those who risk their life ever day.  And more importantly, I have enormous respect for those who provide every level of support from the Civilian Military Employees, to the Coast Guard Auxiliary, to the Biologist who examine the bugs of a country we are occupying.

My uncle joined the Air Force when I was a kid.  He has worked his way up to the rank of Major.  I know I am extremely proud of him and the service he has been called to.  Monday I plan on honoring his service, and the service of the almost 1.5 million active military personnel and the 1.4 million active reserve personnel at the ceremony at Edgemont Memorial Park.

As President of the Montclair NAACP, I am constantly reminded of the quote: “Before you lead, you must serve.”   Every serviceman and woman has learned that lesson fully.

As we all prepare to enjoy this long weekend, I ask you to remember the service of all those who have taken up the call to duty.  And more importantly, welcome back the many servicemen and woman as they reintegrate back into a civilian life.