From the: crackdown on Gay bars in the late 60’s; the rise of Harvey Milk in the 70’s, the Gay-Rights “White Night Riots” of the late 70’s; AIDS epidemic of the 80’s; “popularization” of gay culture in the 90’s; lynching of Matthew Shepard in ’98; the acceptance of non-heterosexuality of the early 2000’s; to the repeal […]

Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! This is an exciting time of year.  The “official” unofficial start of summer.  I know I have BBQ, hiking, relaxing plans for the weekend with friends and family. Memorial Day is a day we set aside to remember those who have heeded the call to serve.  I never was called to […]

Education Reform

There are articles surfacing left and right about the idea that we live in a post-racial America.  I love the idea, that we could be in a world where race doesn’t play a factor in policy-making.  Maybe we do live in a world where race doesn’t affect policy making.  But that same distance of race […]