Earned Sick Leave

Last week I found myself sick. I had a fever, sore, cough, and drained. I decided I should take a few days off and stay in bed. I had the luxury of being able to enjoy that time off as a small business owner. There are many that do not have such a luxury. Many […]


I have recently started using my new digital camera more often than not to photograph things going on in the world around me. In doing so I found that the camera has made taking “perfect pictures” easy. A symptom of the unfulfilled life… My first photo experience that meant something to me was using a […]

57th Presidential Inauguration

After a long drive to D.C., and a staying up way too late with the anticipation of what Monday’s inauguration will hold for us all, we boarded the Washington Metro. The subway kept was packed full of people and we hadn’t yet hit the city limits. A film crew from Tennessee was following a family […]

How to Build Safer Communities

“It could never happen here” “He seemed like such a nice guy” These are always the words you hear on the news after a situation  happens.  As the police look into a suspected homicide in Montclair, I want to talk about what it means to be a community. I look to my  youth and have […]